Group Event Feed Application

  • Designed a multi-user timeline calendar view to assist people in coordinating everyone’s schedule in one place.
  • Build an application that enables users to create timed events, reminders, diaries and record transactions.
  • Designed a system that pulls user’s individual schedule and dynamically forms timeline feeds based on different configuration, such as visibility level check and content filtering.

Covid Tracking App for USC

  • Worked in a 3-person team to create an android app tracking Covid data for all buildings in USC.
  • Allowed people to check into the buildings and submit daily health reports. Displayed risk levels for all buildings and courses and let instructors to change course statuses.
  • Responsible for the entire frontend development. Created a navigation bar and different views for each page.
  • Implemented black-box testing with the Espresso API to test UI components and the app functionality.

WebGL Mini Game

  • Worked in a 2-person team to create a simple farming game using the Phaser3 framework.
  • Implemented collision detection for the main character and the environment. Also added character animations and sound effects for different actions.
  • Wrote the core farming mechanism scripts using JS and refactored codes to improve efficiency and readability.

Calendar Application

  • Developed a multi-feature and interactive calendar web application to help users manage schedules, reminders, and diaries.
  • Utilized CSS for a responsive and interactive design including events entry, reminder notification, and search bar.
  • Designed and implemented user interface with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, along with PHP for dynamic calendar page content.
  • Enabled frontend input validation using JavaScript, jQuery.
  • Normalized database schema to store user profile, complex schedule content using MySQL database.
  • Programmed user registration validation process logically, constructed password security with adding reasonable length and complexity. Considered efficiently of login process with simplicity and login security with designed requirements.
  • Supported functionalities of creating, modifying, searching, and deleting events, reminders, and diaries.

Simplified Game Engine

  • Implemented the basic math operations and functions, such as 2D, 3D, 4D vector classes and the 3×3, 4×4 matrix classes.
  • Developed a core physics mechanism, such as tests for collision.
  • Achieved 3D rendering through setting up buffers and creating shaders in DirectX with HLSL. Improved rendering and accomplished different effects with z-buffer, texture mapping, and post-processing.
  • Achieved phong lighting model by calculating ambient light, diffuse light, and specular highlights. Added extra lighting detail with normal maps.
  • Built a skeletal hierarchy and accomplished smooth animation effects for skinned objects.
  • Implemented profiler to time functions and achieved multithreading to improve efficiency. Created an asset manager to load assets on demand and cache the assets.